UFS Joins ICBA and Will Exhibit at ICBA LIVE in Nashville

By Tom Szews
Regional Business Development Manager

UFS was founded and is owned by Community Banks with a shared mission of thriving together, sharing expertise and best practices, and delivering purpose built technology in an efficient manner.  

Today, UFS is a growing technology firm, with operations in the Midwest, providing a suite of technology solutions exclusively to community banks. We combine our technology leadership and expertise in the innovative, open, and flexible use of financial technology with our customers’ expertise in community banking to help all members thrive.

While our members have been Midwest centric, a few of our customers and business partners asked UFS to seriously consider becoming a member of ICBA. We are pleased to announce that as of December 2018, UFS is a member of ICBA, and will be an exhibitor at the ICBA LIVE event March 18-22, 2019 in Nashville, TN at booth 901.  

Mike Tenpas,
President and CEO of UFS

Mike Tenpas, President and CEO of UFS, sees membership as the right decision at the right time. “UFS has great customer advocates in the Midwest who are active in ICBA. Our Community Bank members get value from the ICBA membership and our team decided that we too could benefit from participating in a national community. We look forward to learning about the issues affecting Community Banking in other regions and sharing information about our unique product suite.”

UFS has a controlled growth strategy, in order to ensure alignment with our guiding principles and mission. Christopher Soyke, Director of Business Development and Marketing, believes exhibiting at national event aligns with that strategy.

“Our business process actively seeks input from community bankers. We are completely focused on listening at our first ICBA event and see Nashville as a great opportunity to meet with bankers at the national level to ensure that our products and services combined with our flexible approach are compelling and competitive. We will have a more casual approach at the event and create an exhibit space where we can listen to the needs of bankers and collaborate with our community. The ICBA LIVE is a great opportunity to work with bank leaders as they engage more strategically at an industry event and have time to think about their future, and what they need to ensure that their bank and community will thrive.”

Chris Soyke,
Director of Business Development and Marketing

Team UFS is looking forward to the Nashville experience.

Tom Szews,
Regional Business Development Manager

“We are also going to try to have some fun in Nashville during the day, in the exhibit hall at booth 901 and, yes, after 5:00 as well. One night we will co-host an event with Bankers’ Bank, another night we will take in a band with some of our customers. Throughout the week we will talk to as many community bankers as we can. What could be more fun than that? ”

Mike Tenpas, Chris Soyke, Tom Szews, Catie Ter Horst and Mike Venaccio, will all be at ICBA LIVE. Stop by our exhibit space at booth 901 and let us know what a technology firm like ours can do to help your bank thrive.

About UFS: UFS was founded by community banks for community banks, and our charter requires us to be owned by community bank customers. That unique perspective keeps us aligned as we provide purpose-built solutions to ensure community banks thrive. For most of our history, we grew though referral to supporting nearly 30% of our Wisconsin home state banks, and are now sharing our community with banks from Nebraska and Arkansas, to Minnesota and Illinois. Our customers look to us to provide reliable, flexible, and best of breed technology solutions that help them thrive. A proof point for our success is that we have never lost a customer outside of acquisition. People are the heartbeat of our company, we’ve had minimal voluntary turnover in recent years, and we attract passionate bankers to our mission driven vocations.