What Our Community is Saying

“Co-sourcing with UFS reduces my costs and allows me to leverage skillsets I can’t afford. It also enables my IT team to grow into leaders who concentrate on the foggy corners and working with business leaders to improve the customer experience.”

Kelly, COO, $1.9 Billion Bank

“Partnering with UFS allowed me to move IT from a department to a strategy, and get confidence and transparency in exam readiness.”

Michelle, Information Security Officer, $270 Million Bank

“As a community bank outside of a metro area, I rely on the deep expertise of UFS and their fixed price model to move technology to the cloud, so I can just be a banker who doesn’t need to worry about the fast changing requirements of vulnerability management.”

Jerry, CEO, $155 Million Bank

How Could Rising Cyber Threats Impact Your Bank?

Answering the question drains all the energy from most community bankers. In executing on our mission of Thriving-Together, we take it upon ourselves to reduce IT drag, and to take a holistic approach to risk management on your behalf.

  • We virtually put community banks in our data center to make us the target in your place.
  • We provide policy review, and automate those policies to ensure auditors and examiners are satisfied.
  • We partner with you at exam time to educate, and bring accountability to the table.
  • We include Cyber Insurance Policy review in the analysis to make sure your risks are managed in line with our ecosystem.
  • We train your team members and give them tools to be successful, or do the work for you when hiring is difficult.
  • We give you leading solutions, with the shared cost sensitivity of our community of banks.
  • We facilitate banker collaboration to share best practices and regulatory insight that give confidence.
  • We wrap it in the transparency and accountability that you would expect from a customer owned provider.
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Serious About The Security Behind IT

Our Community of Banks built a new, regulated, SOC1/SOC2 top tier data center designed around your unique needs. We collaborate with the FFIEC: FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCC, and your state regulators to ensure that IT is managed in a way that increases security and simplifies compliance. Come and visit!

Let’s collaborate together to help your bank thrive!

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